Five Thousand Mirrors: Water Bodies of Kolkata


Five Thousand Mirrors: Understanding Urban Water Bodies brings out the multifarious roles of small water bodies in the urban context. These ponds address several needs, from meeting the water requirements of citizens and improving urban ecosystems, to keeping a particular cultural milieu alive.The empirical study in this book focuses on the small water bodies of Kolkata, including a social survey, a history of less-known but important water bodies, water quality analysis, some narratives of a people’s movement and a scrutiny of environmental politics. This book presents a new understanding of an important natural resource.

Mohit Ray is an environmental consultant. He holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the University of Manchester and a Ph.D. from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He has been working in environmental engineering and management for last three decades, and has been involved in the Environmental Impact Assessment of various projects throughout India. Ray leads a non-funded environmental group named Vasundhara Foundation, and has published a wide range of books on environment in Bengali and English.

ISBN: 978-81-926767-7-7
324 pages

Rs. 495


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